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Often times we have come across situations when our earnings don’t match our expenses. Salaries ends before month ends and weekend are spent laying on that couch, not because we want to but because we don’t have a choice. We know for a fact that we are underpaid and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get out of it.

Our full time jobs is taking our time but not giving enough money. It’s time you consider options that are beyond the boundaries of your full time source of income and fetches a good handful.

I would be lying if I say that this hasn’t happened with me. Many people who start their career have been at this place.

But are there any opportunities to make money beyond your full time career? Absolutely! There are plenty of options out there to make extra bucks but the execution depends on you.

Side hustles aren’t easy. They require time and energy in the initial stages and the results might not be earth shattering as you begin. But there are fruitful results if you continue to hustle through. There is investment required from the perspective of time, energy and sometimes actual money that you should be aware of before you step into it. Also, there should be enough research done on the options before you begin to put your sweat and blood into it.

If you are okay with the points mentioned above, then let me introduce you to my 5 favorite side hustles that are truly rewarding. So let’s begin discussing them.


1. Sell your skills

If you are good at something, you can use those skills to make money. Whether you are good at personal development, have that expertise in creating great meals, great tutoring skills and command on few subjects or a great hand at salon services, it’s time you bring your skills out through social media platforms and make the most of it.

Starting with it is as easier as creating a Facebook page that takes 10 minutes of your time. You don’t need a space or special equipment (unless you are a handyman) to begin with it. However I do want to mention that starting with it is the first step. If you want people to know what you are good at then marketing is crucial.

I would highly recommend to take this step if your skills are your passion too. This way your work will not feel like “a work” and you never know that it might convert into a full time career in the longer run.

One of my friend is an intuitive with great knowledge on astrology, tarot and Reiki healing. About a year ago she started doing tarot reading for her friends. Her friends became her professional clients and this worked really well for her. Soon she started getting more clients through word of mouth publicity and her passion blossomed while she expanded her services from tarot reading to astrology readings.

Currently she is an entrepreneur offering services and products @ Divination with Kriti and working full time. I do want to mention that she started this side hustle because it was born out of passion, which she not only nailed it by getting enough clients but also took a bold step to quit her corporate job and work as a full time intuitive consultant.

Following your passion might take you to the path where you belong. And it is never bad when you start getting paid for something you love.

So figure out what works for you and go for it.


2. Rent what you own

It doesn’t matter if you own a car or a house, you can rent it. Renting a car is easier nowadays when companies like Uber and Ola are there to make the experience more customer friendly.

If you own a car and you don’t use it then please put it at good use by taking Uber or Ola services. You would have to visit their office to understand the terms and conditions.

My suggestion would be to first understand the profit margin as it may vary depending on the city. There are plenty of ways of doing research on this topic like talking to drivers and understanding their earnings, understanding the promotions that are run by these companies etc.

Similarly renting your home or a room on Airbnb is an awesome idea to make some extra cash. It gets easier to create an account and start describing your space and the number of people that can be accommodated. You can directly chat with customer through Airbnb chat app and get to understand them before they arrive.

You don’t have to deal with customers directly for the payments. Customers are charged before they arrive and you get paid once they check in, obviously with money minus Airbnb charges.

Putting your stuff to good use is not a bad option. Is it?


3. Create your own blog and monetize

This one is my favorite so far because I love to write. Blogs is about writing, either you do it or you pay someone else to do it.

If you want to monetize your blog then paying for writing doesn’t sound like a good idea but there are people who do that too. Maybe they monetize it in such a way that content creation expenses are paid off.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing, Google adsense and selling your product online are some of the ways to monetize the blog as long as you have enough traffic and an audience to buy products recommended by your website.

You want to start a blog? Great! There are plenty of websites helping with the steps to do that. My suggestion is not to start a blog on a free platform like wordpress.com, instead go for your own domain and hosting. With free platforms, the owner doesn’t have the authority to own the blog which means it can be shut down anytime causing havoc to your already set blog.

Doesn’t matter if you have great fashion sense or know a family recipe that isn’t anywhere online, blogs are a great way of putting your skills as well as getting paid through advertisements or affiliate marketing.

Try this simple technique and create your own market in the virtual world.


4. Start your small business and sell products online

Are you good at making marmalade, or you have an amazing hand at creating decorative items? If you can produce it, you can sell it too.

Websites like Amazon and Etsy have done marvelous jobs in bringing small seller on one platform. At Amazon you can sell anything from needle to airplane, all you need to do is create a seller account with them on their website.

The products will be displayed at Amazon website and every order placed will be notified to the seller.

You can either choose to let Amazon ship your order by choosing their service called “Fulfillment by Amazon” or ship the order yourself. There are nominal fees to take their services and you never know how much you can make from it.

Great thing about Amazon is that it isn’t limited to big sellers. You can start a small business at home with limited space and orders, and use Amazon service to place the product for online purchase. No hassles of creating your own websites, marketing it or even renting the shop in the local market which by the way becomes an expensive affair.


5. Sell your E-Book

Do you know the old process of publishing a book? There has to be one publishing house ready to accept your book, print the book which is later distributed across distribution centers to be sold to the customers.

Not to mention marketing in old days was very different and time consuming along with the fact that many books couldn’t even survive the wrath of publishers and were shunned in the first place.

Technology has changed this process from “finding publishing houses” to “self-publishing books”. There won’t be any hassle of printing books (amazing for the environment), and it gets as easy as creating a book on a certain topic and selling it online.

All you got to do is to upload your e-books on your website or use social media platforms to market the book. E-books can be downloaded by the readers on their laptops, tablets or Amazon kindle device.

Did you know that few website owners provide free e-book to attract people and make them subscribe to their website, to increase the website traffic and email marketing of their final product? It’s a great strategy to build an audience and you can make use of E-books from that perspective as well.

I also realized that creating an e-book is easy for few people but marketing is the hard part. How to get the buyers for your masterpiece when you are in an ocean of masterpieces?

Well! There is an easier way to this. A very well know way of selling your e-book is through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It is as easy as creating an account with them and get started. They will charge their commission but you know what, this is a great way to sell e-books as there are millions visiting Amazon every single day, which means millions of potential customers.

If this one sings with your tune, then go for it.

Closing with lots of love..

XOXOHashtag Is In

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  1. Rebekah says:

    These tips are awesome. I never set up my blog with the idea of eventually monetising it, but it’s definitely become more attractive in a world where being able to live is difficult for everyone, regardless of your skills. I also hope to sell my skills someday in the former of a book, so selling your skills is another great tip, Too! I’m definitely going to bare your other thoughts in mind, too.

    Rebekah | http://rebekahgillian.co.uk/

  2. There are some really great and easily actioned tips here. Brilliant read.

  3. Some great ideas. I’m working on my blog now, and hope to create my own eBooks to sell too!

  4. Tom says:

    The ‘Rent what you Own’ market is booming. More and more I am finding blogs and sites offering these services. As someone who is to ‘house proud’ of my belongings to do it, I would certainly consider renting from someone else.

  5. Kellyloren says:

    Hey, this is great, I’ll be bookmarking this. I have to come back and check it out again later to possibly try

  6. Sosi's Mom says:

    Ok this is inspiring me to really get to publishing my e-book! Thanks so much!

  7. Nikhila says:

    This is so great. Impressive write-up. Thanks for sharing. Keep rocking.

  8. Gabriella says:

    These are super great tips! I so agree with the selling your skils point. I make a lot of money simply tutoring English. Though, everything I see is saying that ebooks are where the money is at. I’m honestly considering writing one now haha.

  9. sarah says:

    These are great suggestions. I am looking for more ways to make money online.

  10. Pu says:

    Loved reading these pointers and these points make lot of sense for people like me who really want do something different in life but lack that first step n fear the outcome. But the examples quoted here are simple and passionately motivating……. will start with small steps soon…
    Thanks Daniya….
    Loved this blog….

    • Daniya says:

      Thanks Pushpa for the lovely words.. All the very best and may your first step leads you towards big success 🙂

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