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July 19, 2017
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Beauty on the budget

When Amazon Bestsellers deal can make us beautiful on a BUDGET!!

It is nearly close to the end of the month for most of us and we know what happens then. We end up clearing our bank accounts and eagerly wait for our next month’s salary.

That was one of those days for me too. As I love shopping and beauty being the favorite category, I decided to see what all products I can pick.

Though I am recommending Amazon website, these products can be bought from any other online website. It’s just that Amazon has better deals and I happen to like their service.

So let’s start on what I bought. As I have used these products therefore I will share the review for your benefit. That’s how you would know about the product and you will have an option to make a purchase (totally depends on your requirement).


Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara, Black – INR 350 for 9ml

Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curllng Mascara

Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curllng Mascara

I simply love Lakme products and their mascara happens to be my second favorite from the Eyeconic range (most favorite is their Kajal). It’s a product with great value for money and perfect way to have “Beauty on Budget”.

I have used this product on several occasions both night and day and it worked perfectly fine.

The texture is thick and sometimes it leaves a little blob of the product on the lashes, however this can be corrected with right application. I have listed the benefits as well as concerns about this product below..

Pros –

  • Affordable product that comes in decent packaging
  • Black color makes lashes stand out
  • Twisted wand that makes easier application for the inner lashes

Cons –

  • Texture of the product is sticky and makes lashes stick to each other
  • Doesn’t give a voluminous look
If you wish to buy this product from Amazon, Click here


Lakme Insta Eye Liner, Black – INR 110 for 9ml

Lakme Insta Eye Liner

Lakme Insta Eye Liner

Another all time favorite from the Lakme range is their classic “Insta Eye Liner”. When I say classic I mean that product is available in the Indian market since ages.

This eye liner is so affordable that one would not feel an itch in the pocket while making a purchase.

The brush head is super thin, perfect for creating a winged line. Honestly, one tiny bottle of 9ml lasts me a long time. I use that every single day and I am perfectly happy with the outcome.

Pros –

  • Affordable product with decent packaging
  • Thin brush head for great precision in creating winged eye look

Cons –

  • Liquid texture and takes some time to dry out post application
  • The black texture lacks the shine which doesn’t make the product stand out
This product is available in most of the drugstores but if you wish to buy online then click here..


Lakme Complexion Care Face Cream – INR 290 for 30 grams

Lakme Complexion Care Face Cream

Lakme Complexion Care Face Cream

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting Lakme here. It just happens that most of the Lakme products are simply affordable and good value for money. This CC cream happens to be my another favorite.

We all know about India’s weather (super hot) and wearing a ton of makeup might heat us up more :-). Because of that I love these BB and CC cream inventions that are so light on skin and give similar results.

They have lighter coverage and the best part is their SPF content.

Well! what could be better than having a CC cream that has moisturizing benefits, a touch of foundation and benefits of sunscreen too. Isn’t that the best thing!!

It comes in two different shades – Beige and Bronze. Unfortunately this product doesn’t have more shades especially for the darker skin tone. I have listed the benefits and limitations of this product below..

Pros –

  • Light weight cream with moisturizing benefits as well
  • Contains SPF 30
  • Good packaging
  • Gives a a dewy glow to the face

Cons –

  • Light coverage which will not cover blemishes completely
  • Comes in two shades only and doesn’t target the darker complexions
If you wish to buy this product online through Amazon, then click here..


Elle 18 Color Pop Matte Lip Color – INR 100 for 4.3 grams

Elle 18 Color Pop Matte Lip Color

Elle 18 Color Pop Matte Lip Color

Thank God that this again isn’t Lakme product :-).. Well why I include this lip color? You would know when you see the price it offers.

For 100 rupees you can get a lipstick which is not just a beautiful shade but also quite moisturizing.

I have to say that this isn’t a true matte lipstick. There is some shine to it so matte lovers might be disappointed.

The product has a very creamy consistency that makes it easier to blend. Best way to apply would be to outline the lips with lip pencil and then filling in with this lipstick.

Pros –

  • Affordable lipstick with moisturizing formula
  • Decent packaging
  • Available in numerous shades – Coral Doze, Cherry Wine, Selfie Red, Pink Kiss, Pink Show, Berry Dance, Mauve Dat, First Love, Prom Pink and the list continues..

Cons –

  • Not a true matte lipstick hence disappointing for matte lovers
If you want to try this lipstick then click here to place an order on Amazon..


Hope this review was helpful and might have inspired you to try new products that are pocket friendly with great value for money. Do leave your suggestions in the comments section below. I would love to know what you want me to review next.

Till then, keep smiling <3


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