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A grand reveal of my 2 months blogging experience..

Hey guys! Hope you are having a great week. This time I decided to write about my share of experience with blogging. After spending 2 months on my blog, there are quite a few things that I have noticed and would love to break few myths around blogging.

Before I say anything, I want to clarify that I learnt blogging on my own. Sure there were few SEO lessons from my friend but blogging as a career option was the choice I made after taking 1 month of Digital marketing lessons.

I also want to say that this is not my first blog. I created an old blog which was free. I used to write book reviews there. I read so many books and I thought that’s the best I could write about πŸ™‚

Later when I was flaunting my blog to my friend (Hey.. I was very excited), he told me that the free versions are not useful and I should get paid hosting.

Well all these terms like hosting, domain were alien to me until I learnt Digital marketing.

In the meantime my sister started her blog and I agreed to help her with the marketing. But my sister is too lazy as well as too busy to write posts (she was busy with her full time job) and I was impatient to try blogging.

Then there was a moment of epiphany. “Why can’t I start my own blog?” I said to myself.

And the next thing I did was buying domain name and hosting, and since July’17 I haven’t looked back. I enjoy every moment working on my blog.

But here’s the deal. This ain’t easy!

Yes my dear friends. I am writing this post as I want to bust the myths about blogging which is so common in the internet world. “Make money with blogging”, “learn how to make $8000/month from blogging”, are the kinds of posts you would see across social media but are they really true?

I am here to share my honest experience so far. So without any further delay, let’s get started.


1. Blogging is not Free

The first rule I learnt about blogging that it ain’t free. Forget about those space where you can create your blog for free because it isn’t worth it.

Free blogs are like building your house on someone else’s land. You don’t have the authority to keep it. They can shut down your blog at any point in time.

Always buy your domain and hosting. It will cost you but it will be worth it, if you are planning to take your blog seriously.

Also, this ain’t the only expense. You would have to spend on various other things like, promoting your blogposts through Pinterest which you won’t see until you choose Boardbooster or Tailwind. Both these applications aren’t free.
Then there is email marketing which is additional expense. Let’s also talk about the beautiful stock photos that aren’t free either.

Altogether, there is nothing free in the world of money making blogs.


2. Blogging is time consuming

I cannot explain the amount of time that had gone in learning about different tools, techniques, marketing strategies, wordpress etc before and while I am working on the blog. Especially when there is plathora of information out there. At times you get confused what to follow and what not to follow.

It isn’t a side job that you can do while working full time. It is a serious side hustle that requires most of your time in the beginning phase.

I have spent hours, sweat and tears to create the blog where I haven’t taken any lessons or help from anyone (except for a month of SEO classes from a friend). All I did was research the topic whenever I came across it.

I am sure everyone have a different experience and there might be people who took less or more time than me. However the truth is that blogging requires your time.

And it is not the leftover time, it is a serious time where you create blogposts, marketing strategies, building beautiful pictures for social media, promoting it time and again etc.

So wherever you see a post saying, “earn blogging as a side income” understand that this side income doesn’t come without hustle.


3. Blogging is about “Writing” and “Writing”

I cannot stress enough on this topic, but blogging is serious writing guys. If you don’t find fun in writing and be creative with it, then please don’t start with it. Because writing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to demean the work that you planning to put across but I am bringing out the reality.

Before you take a decision of becoming a blogger, make sure you check with yourself “Can I write tirelessly?”. You can decide the next steps basis your response.

I will share an example –

One of my dear friend is a foodie and no place across city has been able to stay out of her reach. When I started this blog and shared this news with her, I encouraged her to do something related with food. She instantly was pepped up and decided the name of the blog too.
My next question to her was “Do you like writing?”. As expected, her answer was “No”. And my response was, “Then don’t blog. Do something else, like creating YouTube channel and share videos. But don’t get into something you don’t like”

See guys.. That’s the difference. Understand that blogging looks fun but it is lot of hustle and mostly around writing.

So get into it only when you are sure that you can write and be creative with it.


4. Blogging won’t give you money overnight

Understand that blogging is about building a brand, and brands are not set up overnight.

This statement will be very unlike to what is sold across the internet where blogging is shown like a magic ticket to getting some golden egg.

I am not denying that it is and at one point, when the blog attracts traffic.Β However that doesn’t happen the moment you create the blog.

A lot goes into creating and marketing the blog and it’s only after continuous hard work you start to see the traffic.
I have been into blogging for over 2 months and I don’t see any traffic numbers as of now. I have to really work consistently towards creating a great content + market it at different social media platforms.

This requires work and time.

However once your brand is built and there is enough traffic on your website, there are plenty of ways to monetize it. So fruits are there at the end of the tunnel πŸ™‚


That’s it guys! Hope you had some learnings before you plan to jump into blogging. Blogging is fun for me and I love to express myself here. I don’t regret it even a single day of my life and hope that you have similar viewpoint while blogging too.

See you in my next post.



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  1. Marie says:

    Yes blogging is a lot of work, making mistakes and learning. I started my current blog in November (Ladies Make Money Online) and I was fortunate enough to start monetizing it.

    I am currently working on creating more eBooks !

    • Daniya says:

      Hey Marie.. I have seen your blog and really like it. It inspires me that you started with it in Nov and within a year your blog is successful. I will visit your blog to get all the tips and tricks..

  2. Bonnie says:

    I’m so glad you’re telling the truth about blogging . It’s hard and it is a serious hustle. If you don’t love it; you shouldn’t do it. Blogging rocks!

  3. Hemant Sharma says:

    Turning your writing into a money machine is altogether a separate mechanism. And your writing is certainly capable of achieving heights. All the best πŸ™‚

  4. Rinesh says:

    Awesome Daniya…great going. Liked this one, looking forward to read more posts.

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