August 17, 2017
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You can order Kama Ayurveda Sample Products for Free

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I ordered Kama Ayurveda Sample Products for free.. Hey guys! I am excited to share this post with you all about the sample orders I got from Kama Ayurveda. By now you would know that I am a sucker for natural products that are free […]
August 7, 2017
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Know All About the Cleansers + Fab India Facial Cleanser Review

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Everything you need to know about the cleansers Hey Guys! I bring to you another post where I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the cleansers. A complete guide on what’s the purpose of the cleansers, and what you should […]
August 3, 2017
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A Moisturizer That Suits All Skin Types

Not sure which moisturizer to pick? Worry not.. Coz I bring this article to you Hello my friends! Welcome to another post of “Hashtag Is In”. The topic for today is “Moisturizers”. Hearing this word would make people with oily skin say, “I don’t moisturize coz it breaks me out”. […]
August 1, 2017
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Do we Really Need Toners In Our Skincare Routine?

All About the Toners.. We have often seen people talk about how toners are important in our skincare routine. But if you are anything like me (which I guess you are considering you are reading this article) then you must be thinking, why do we need toners in the first […]
July 26, 2017
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Products I Recommend from Forest Essentials

List of Favorite Products from Forest Essentials Ayurveda has long lived in Indian history but never so luxuriously presented like it is done by Forest Essentials. Let’s take a moment and bow down to the rich feel they have given to their outlets. I mean the fragrance lingers for few […]
July 19, 2017
Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

The Time When I Tried Innisfree Clay Mousse Mask

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask – Yay or Nay? Innisfree happens to be the first Korean beauty brand to place their feet in Indian market around few years ago. There first store in Delhi Khan Market was an eye catcher for most of the Delhites and their second store […]
July 12, 2017
Forest Essentials Facial Ubta Roop Nikhar Gulab

Know About Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Roop Nikhar Gulab – INR 975 for 70 gram How many of you were introduced to the three step skincare regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, along with exfoliation (to be done twice a week)? I am sure all of you would have, as it was […]
July 12, 2017
Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam

My Feedback on Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam

Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam – INR 750 for 100ml Ayurveda has been a part of Indian culture for a very long time and the modernization given by brands like Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials is quite applaudable. By launching Ayurveda through these luxurious brands have not just helped keeping our […]