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Tips and tricks to set and achieve goals..

Hey guys! Hope you are having a great time. This post will be dedicated to bringing out the motivation to work towards your dreams.

I mean how many times have you thought of going for the trip, buying your dream home or maybe creating memories and how many times have you failed. To come and think of it, it isn’t that hard. The real issue is the habit of procastrination which hinders us from achieving good things in life.

I would not deny that I have been a victim of this habit too. I had so many goals each year that began with the beginning of the year but never made it till the end. Gradually I decided that it is too hard to keep up with the goal and might as not make it.

It was only couple of years ago I realized the importance of goal setting and action towards fulfilling them. It all started with me picking up “The Secret” from my visits to a bookstore.

I read the book and I liked it (only to an extent). After that the book triggered me to create my own goal setting techniques, that might be inspired by what the book says but it has my own twist added.

I follow these techniques and I have seen the difference. I achieved close to 80% of my goals each year and I follow these rules till date. To be honest, I have not come across anything which is better than this.

So without any further delay, let’s get started.


1. Write down you goals on a piece of paper

Really! One of the most simple step and the most missed out one.

If I ask you to ask yourself “when was the last time you have actually written down your goals that has an actual end date”, what would have been your answer?

Do you know that if you write your goals you are 42% more likely to achieve them? And seriously don’t use some mobile notes to write them but use actual pen and paper.

Writing down your goals is a great way of putting out your goals for manifestation. It will make a huge difference.


2. Your goals must be specific with an end date

Another important factor that many of us ignore is there are no end dates.

While creating a goal, keep in mind to put an end date so that you know the timeline by when you must achieve them.

Also, be specific with your goals. You cannot have a vague goal with no timelines and expect to achieve them. It won’t work trust me.

When you are looking to finish your goal, mention exactly what your goal is.

For example, I want to build my blog to be successful and today I decide to create that as a goal for myself. Here are two techniques of writing a goal on a piece of paper –
Technique #1 – My blog will be successful with lot of traffic by the end of this year
Technique #2 – My blog will be successful with 50,000 visits per month by 31st December 2017

You see the difference in the first and the second goal. The second goal with specifics is the kind of goal that I want you to create for yourself.


3. Understand the difference between long term goals vs. short term goals

Though I have made this point clear in the previous topic, I still want to throw some light on this. You should know what is a long term goal vs. short term.

I cannot say that I can save 50,000 dollars in a 6 months time when I know that my maximum savings for the month is not more than 2,000 dollars. However, if your goal is to save those 50,000 dollars and there cannot be any modification then you should increase the timeline of your goal. You can make it a long term goal, let’s say a 5 year plan.

Many people think that long term goals don’t really work. I disagree.

One of my biggest long term goal is to create a passive income for myself which I understand will not happen overnight.

It will take time and I need discipline to achieve this goal. Therefore I have given this goal few years and count it as a long term goal.


4. Create realistic manageable goals

We all want to have the finest things in life, isn’t it. The perfect house with a luxury car or the best holidays every now and then. But let’s be honest with ourselves, can we really afford it?

Sometimes we get carried away with the goals and get too out of our league. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not preaching that we can’t dream big. What I want to say is that if your goal is realistic there are high chances of achieving them.

For example, I plan to buy a home and saving for the first down payment is my biggest goal for the year. Now what is my budget to buy a home? I can dream to buy a multi billion dollar home, but can I actually afford one?

If I create such a big goal for myself, I would not be able to complete it and might as well get exhausted with the pressure.

The best thing here is to know how much I can afford without killing myself. Understand what is within my reach and what is not.

Another trick is to divide your goal into bitesize manageable goals if it is too big.

For example, I want to travel to France and live there for a month. Now traveling to that country is quite expensive as it is, moreover I don’t have any friends there where I can stay. Managing my living expense in such an expensive place would need a huge sum of money. However I can divide the huge sum of savings (which is a big goal) into small manageable goals.

Like every time I save extra 1000 dollars, I put that towards this goal. If you haven’t read my blog on How I save money, then please give it a read to know the tips and tricks.


5. Have a vision board

I absolutely love this technique of keeping an eye on my goals. Sometimes I even do it for my daily “To Do list”.

Having a vision board right in front of you with your goal staring at you time and again is the biggest reminder. You cannot slip away from it unless you take off that goal and deliberately decide to scrap it away.

I always had a vision board with pictures and goals on it.

It can be a white board where you can write your goals or a pin board to pin them, the world is your oyster my friend.


6. Plan, Action and Discipline is the key

We have done all the fancy things that one should do to create the goals but lets accept it, there is no goal that can be achieved without a proper plan, action and the discipline to achieve them.

“Planning” is the first step towards action so think about the small details of how you could work towards your goal.

Let’s suppose I want to reduce my weight by the end of the year. I write down my goal on a piece of paper with an end date and stick it out on the vision board. I also cut pictures of the lovely models I admire for inspiration and pin them on the board.

However, in order to fulfill this goal I need to have an action plan. The action plan must have my exercise routine along with clean eating habits. This is the first part to work on.

The next part is “Action”.

Go ahead with the plan that you have created. Get out of the bed and exercise and eat clean inspite of all the cravings if that’s your plan.

The third step to successfully achieving your goals is “Discipline” especially during days when you want to give up.

Know that there is nothing that can be achieved without hard work and dedication.

As mentioned by famous author Robin Sharma, “Noble intentions don’t make a legendary life, rigorous and real execution does.”

There is nothing that can be achieved without execution. However in order to keep executing, you need to have a discipline.

Like in the example mentioned above, I not only need a plan ready to reduce my weight, but a continuous action towards it along with proper discipline. If I loose any one of these three points, I will end up loosing my chance of fulfilling that goal.

Therefore it is very crucial to keep in mind that no goal can be fulfilled without proper plan, action and discipline.


That’s it for today guys. I hope you learnt something from it and you would be more organized while creating and achieving your goals. I will see you next time with something new and creative.

Till then, keep smiling.


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  1. This is a very pretty page, great advice as well. I pinned and tweeted it for you.

  2. Melissa says:

    I love this! These are all such great tips. Thanks for sharing!

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