Five Gift Ideas for Her within 1000 bucks

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July 26, 2017
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My List of Five Gift Ideas within 1000 Rupees

Have you ever felt perplexed on finding the right kind of gift for your friends, family and dear ones? And the invitations for birthday parties and anniversaries doesn’t seem to end at all. All of a sudden it seems like everyone wants you to be a part of their celebration and picking up the gift for the occasion is the most daunting task.

Well deciding the gift for “Her” is more difficult than “Him”. Whether she is your friend or sister or cousin, we often get confused with the choices.

My favorite set of gift options are Bath and Body Care products. However there are people with variety of preferences and limited budget.

And this article is dedicated to all the readers who want to know gift ideas within the budget of INR 1000.

Over the course of time, whenever I was invited for any celebrations amongst friends and family, I used my few tricks to shop for them. I asked myself two questions before picking up the gift for my hosts –

  1. Who am I gifting it to?
  2. Does the gift have to be personal or general?

I will make it simple for you by taking an example.

Let’s assume I have to go to a friend’s birthday lunch next Friday. Now again “what should I pick for her” is the question which will be answered by these two questions –

  • Who am I gifting it to?
    • Well, she is a smart girl and loves fashion and beauty
  • Does the gift have to be personal or general?
    • She is a dear friend and I have known her for more than 5 years. Gift cannot be general. It has to be personal and something that reminds her of me whenever she uses it

With this list, I know what I can give her. The gift should be either related with fashion or beauty. Now I can pick a beautiful dress for her but I don’t know about her size or whether she would like it or not.

Another option, I can think is to give her bath and body care products (probably my safest option as mentioned earlier).

So my dear friends, I would want to share with you my favorite five bath and body care products within 1000 bucks that you can gift “Her”.

I would share the link to shop it online at the ease of sitting on your sofa. So let’s begin..

 Gift Ideas for Her within budget

Nyasaa Set of 9 Soap Gift Set – INR 750 for 225 grams (25 grams *9 soaps)

When I checked Amazon to see hand made soaps, this brand caught my eye. It seems like a good deal for the money along with a nice packaging. And to see that it is within the budget, I say it is worth a buy. I would have definitely opted for this one.

Buy this product on Amazon – Buy Now


Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask – INR 900 for 100ml

Innisfree is a Korean brand that offers great variety of skincare products. I have used several of their face masks, hand creams and different skincare range. If your friend loves to pamper herself then this is a great gift.

Buy this product on Amazon – Buy Now


Floating Cup – INR 899

Gifting mugs has been in the trend from one generation to another. You can certainly pick a mug this time as well but try and be unique with this unique floating design mug. It sure catches the attention.

Buy this product on Amazon – Buy Now


Baggit Wallet – INR 980

Wallet has been my favorite way of gifting good fortune (haha). I know it is not really the case but it’s a great gift if you think of it. Also, why not take advantage when there is sale going on. The original price of this bag is INR 1225 you are getting it at 20% discount.

Buy this product on Amazon – Buy Now


Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette – INR 795 for 14 grams

This palette is originally priced at INR 1050 and currently priced at 24% discount on Amazon. Pack it in a nice gift wrap to make it look more attractive along with a nicely written card. I am sure she would love it.

Buy this product on Amazon – Buy Now


Hope this list was helpful and you got some nice gift ideas this season. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Till then, keep shining <3


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