When does Frugality becomes Cheap?

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It gets a little out of hand when you see blogs writing about frugality tips with ways that are beyond a normal thinking. Well I don’t want to say people who are suggesting these tips are abnormal, but there has to be a law around crossing the line. There has to be a point when frugality can be differentiated with cheapness.

Lets talk about my inspiration to write this piece.

Well I like Internet and channels like YouTube is currently my personal favorite. I am always researching on different topics and budgeting was one of the topic I typed on the search box few days ago. As we all know that YouTube is Google’s property, so it acts smart like the big brother and throws more suggestions with similar searches.

There was literally the time when frugality tips kept popping up on my entire YouTube suggestion space.

Can I just say that there is no limit to the number of videos posted on this topic.

As and when I clicked to watch them, I was surprised with frugality tips and tricks. For a moment I caught myself wondering, “how on earth do they get these ideas?”.

Like a girl mentioned to cut and sell her hair for extra bucks. Dude! Are you serious?

First of all, I understand that hair will grow back but the growth is slow. Had I been relying on my hair growth for a living, I could have afforded a meal once in 2 years. Moreover who wants to take the pain of finding a place to sell your hair?

There was another smart person who mentioned about cutting back the expenses. Of course you should. Cut back what is unnecessary but don’t kill yourself for that. Like eating out everyday isn’t good, neither for the pocket nor for health. That doesn’t mean that you don’t eat outside at all. Dinner and lunches once a week or two weeks will help you socialize and wouldn’t make a drastic change to your lifestyle.

People go extra mile to cut back their expenses. They don’t believe in spending at all. DIY’s everything, looking for coupons all the time are some of the surreal topics to begin with.

Another one to add to the list and that is what I hear all the time is – making money from surveys. What the hell are those surveys and who gets paid for that?

I haven’t heard or come across any survey that pays. I am not saying that such thing don’t exist. But can that be really counted as a side hustle? How frequent are those surveys? And can that be a consistent income?

It is when you start buying your bread from the farthest store possible to save couple of bucks is when you know that it isn’t frugal anymore, it is cheap.


Minimalism is better than Frugality?

Believe me. I am not the only one advocating minimalism. There are plenty of people saying so. But so they are saying for Frugality too. Then how do we decide?

We can understand better by understanding both the terms.

Minimalism is the approach that says, “focus on quality than quantity”. Anything that we add extra thinking we will use it some day is actually increasing the number of things that are cluttering our space. Minimalist prefers minimum amount or degree of anything.

Frugality doesn’t focus on quality, it focuses on getting more for less. To come and think of it, frugality is quite opposite to minimalism principles.

For example, you might like a dress worth a lot of money. A frugal person will say no straight away. But a minimalist person will check if that statement piece is adding value to their wardrobe or not? Will they get maximum wear out of it? Is the quality of the dress good? If they find it worthy, they wouldn’t hesitate spending that money as they want to invest in something that brings value to them. Instead of owning hundreds of pieces, its worth spending on one that is more versatile.

Don’t get me wrong with the title. I am not someone who supports a spendthrift and casual attitude towards hard earned money.

I also want to say that spending on that expensive dress isn’t possible every now and then. And when that dress lands up in your wardrobe with minimum wear, then the money is actually not spent on minimalism, but on your desires of owning that piece. Therefore a minimalist approach is to think hard whether you really need it or not.

One of my favorite trick to know if I really need something is to ask these questions before paying –

  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Can I manage without it?
  3. Will I value and appreciate it?

Lately I haven’t bought anything that I haven’t valued. Therefore I learnt a great deal after becoming a wise spender.


“Make extra” is better than “save extra”

Another fact that adds a great deal of value to this article (in my opinion 🙂 ) is to know that earning more money is better than saving. It is always better to live a life you desire with extra income. Saving constantly kills your means of having fun which isn’t the right approach of living life. We are not just earning to save, we are earning to live a better and balanced lifestyle.

Now earning extra doesn’t mean that I am asking you to sell your hair. Rather I would ask you to use your skills and encash them.

Understand your skills first. I say that because many people fail to understand that better. Know your strengths and ask yourself how you can put them to good use so that your client actually gains from your services.

If you are still confused, then read my blog on “Five side hustles that actually pays”. I would love it if you give it a read and share your insights.

Rest I leave up to you. World is your pickle my friend.

Until next time.





  1. Kara says:

    Love the distinction! I don’t understand the super frugal…like the types who will buy double ply TP and then separate it into single ply / roll it back up. Not worth my time to save a few bucks haha

  2. I’d never really thought about frugality like this before Honestly, I have always associated it with being cheap! I really like how you say it’s more a focus on quality over quantity and I’m going to start asking myself, does this bring value before i make a purchase.

  3. Erin says:

    great share – I myself watched far too many videos on budgeting that had crazy ideas. One Youtuber I love is Kathryn at Do it On a Dime, I feel like she really understands quality and gives tips on where to save and where to spend.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I love this advice, Practical and not crazy! I’ve seen some crazy ones too. One I saw was a lady who goes to the supermarket late at night to buy up all the reduced meat which is about to expire and then freezes it. Except most of what she is buying is really heavily processed stuff which is expensive because of all the extra handling and packaging! I just buy what I need and try and use cheaper cuts or eat vegetarian a few days a week. Save the same and don’t drive yourself crazy heading to the supermarket late at night 🙂

  5. Jackie uy says:

    Ahh I really love this post and this topic is also something I’m thinking about. I want to grow in balance when it comes to being a good steward of the money I have and not compromising on necessities in my life

  6. Amy says:

    I like this post, but have to disagree with the part about earning more money being better than saving. Yes, you certainly need an amount to be comfortable, but beyond that is sometimes a choice between working, or enjoying life and maybe realizing you don’t need all the junk marketers work so hard to sell to us😃

    • Daniya says:

      Thats an awesome point of view.. I agree to what you mentioned and I understand that everyone has a different perspective. There are people who dont want to give up their lifestyle to save money, so focusing towards earning more might work for them and vice versa. I personally feel there must be a balance between these two..

  7. Tenille says:

    Okay, this is an interesting post! In regards to your tricks, I always ask myself if I really need something before I buy it – usually pertaining to clothing and accessories in my case. When it comes to food, generic is just as good as name brand for me. Regardless of what I am shopping for, I always go to the clearance items first, I coupon when I can, and try to refrain from getting anything that I don’t need. The way you’ve explained it all, I’m definitely frugal, and most certainly not cheap lol.

    I have to add that I gave you some recognition on my last blog post as well, mystery blogger award, so if you can, check it out!

    • Daniya says:

      Hi Tenille.. I understand what you mean and this blogpost is just an opinion that may or may not resonate with many. And on the mystery blogger award, I am not sure where can I see it.. Can you share the link? Btw, thanks a ton 🙂

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