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How it all started..

It was like any other Sunday, when me and my friend started craving some good food. Italian was on our mind and my movement to a totally different city in the coming week gave a damn good reason to shop. As I looked at my stuffed luggage, I asked myself “Do I want more?”.

Saying “No” to shopping and an outing with a dear friend was a bad omen, especially when you are moving away from your friends and family. So I said ” Yes”.

Upasna (my friend) and I agreed on the plan to visit Promenade, that happens to be an elite shopping mall in south Delhi.

“They have good shopping brands and awesome Italian places” Upasna tells me. For us it was more about the food and we both wanted to have some good pasta. I instantly said “Yes”.

But the plan wasn’t that direct. We decided to loiter in South Extension market within Delhi, pick some Indian suit pieces from Nalli that happens to be a great store for ethnic wear, post which we will eat and shop more.

The point to be noted here was that the timing for each activity wasn’t decided except that lunch has to happen right after Nalli shopping. Well! Why not. It was noon already and our stomachs were growling. And seriously, shopping isn’t fun at an empty stomach.

As agreed, we went straight for our first stop and inspite of crazy Delhi traffic and ear piercing horns, we made it on time. It’s just that we couldn’t leave the place on time. There were such beautiful suits, sarees, dupattas in fabrics with names I haven’t heard before.

Short and important note – Anyone visiting India and looking for some Indian ethnic wear. Fab India or Nalli are your shops to raid. Unless you want to shop from the old busy markets in mostly humid weather of Delhi, these places are recommended.

Okay so one part of our activity is done. Next came “The Food”.

When we left the place my friend suggested Jamie’s for Italian cravings. At that time I wasn’t aware that I would be writing about this place on my blog.


Jamie’s by Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver happens to be one of my favorite celebrity chef because I love his simplicity and ease while creating Michelin star worthy dish. Visiting his restaurant would be even more interesting.

Two minutes later we noticed a friendly staff smiling at us. We instantly smiled back. After all it was where we wanted to be.

After converting tables for four to tables for two (the other two seats were holding our shopping bags), we quickly grabbed the menu.

Countless discussions and two glasses of regular water later, we gave up. We decided to ask the guy who placed the menu sample on our table to suggest the best dish they serve. “My suggestion would be to try prawns linguine if you are up for sea food” Atul said. By the way Atul was the guy waiting our table.

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We believed the nice chap and ordered along with some bread with Tapenade, balsamic and extra virgin olive oil dip for the starters. For all those who don’t know Tapenade, it is a pesto made from sundried tomatoes, olives and other herbs crushed. It goes well with breads and sometimes with pasta too.

When our dishes arrived, we were elated. The quantity was enough for the two of us and honestly we were extremely hungry. We picked up the knives and forks and started to dig in. And guess what!! WE LOVED IT..

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The pasta was delicious. The best we have had so far. The sauce was so balanced with right amount of heat and tanginess. Prawns and pasta was well cooked. Everything in the dish was very well balanced and every element complimented the dish.

Later we ordered pizza in a white sauce with mushrooms, broccoli and parsley topping. Again we loved it. Very unusual from the regular pizzas we have eaten at other Italian joints where a thin crust resembles a crispy flat disk of toasted bread with the toppings, and normal crust is nothing but thick base of dough baked to form a fluffy pizza base.

This one was balanced. Neither too thick nor too thin. It was perfect.

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Luckily it wasn’t our last time at Jamie’s. We will go back and try other delicacies when we get a reason to binge. Or who knows, we don’t get a reason and we are still found loitering around various food joints.

I loved writing about this post guys. It’s like sharing an anecdote when we had the best Sunday. And Of course!! Who doesn’t want to know about the great Italian eateries within Delhi?

All I can say is that try it please. I promise you won’t regret it..

Have you tried Jamie’s already? Share your experience in the comments section below.



Jamies by Jamie Oliver


  1. susannah says:

    Great review! I’ve been to other “celebrity chef” restaurants that really disappoint. I’ll have to try this one when we’re in the area!

  2. I have never tried Jamie’s but have always wanted to- this post has made me want to go even more!! It looks amazing!!

  3. Chloe Lee says:

    Nice! I have not been to any Jamie Oliver’s restaurant yet, but I guess I will go next time. There is a Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in where I live and I will probably check it out next time I am around the area.

  4. Danie says:

    This is so cool. I have never been to New Delhi or to Jaime’s restaurant. I see him on tv so its great to know the food is great.

  5. Kathrin says:

    Yummy! Just from reading I got hungry even though I just had lunch! Thank you for the review – it makes me curious to go there too.

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