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June 4, 2018
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In this time and age when everything is visually present, what could a book of imagination do? I am sure this must be the thought popping in your heads too while you make excuses to ditch reading. It is true that this day and age doesn’t leave room for imagination. You name something and you have it on the internet, with videos, images and sometimes you can find documentary to explain it better. Other times even if we place our hands on any recommendations, our minds go in rebuttal and comes with excuses like “who has the time to read this whole book when I am busy with other stuff” or “reading makes me snooze”.

Curiosity leads to innovation and as human beings we are born with a curious mind. We have questions and we want to get answers. Our curious mind was active since stone age or the beginning of our existence, however the speed with which we get answers now is extraordinary. With Google at our service and YouTube ready to serve our imagination, most people rely on internet these days. Why wouldn’t they? It’s easy, engaging, it’s less time consuming and most importantly it answers the question we have. Who would want to flip 300 pages of a famous book when Google has a buffet of answers? It’s great to pick and choose of what resonates with you. Isn’t it?

Many people are guilty of dodging the books, including me (sometimes). It’s easy to get addicted to technology for information and the fact is that it is worth it. A few sentences on Google and you have plenty of information you desire. Information is like a 2 minutes recipe and who wants to go through the pain of making an apple pie from scratch when Swiggy is at your service.

Having said that, we all know this hard truth that no matter how easy it is to order apple pie online, it can never match the home cooked version (provided your mum is making the recipe). Connecting with the books is like getting your hands into the kitchen for the homemade apple pie. It sure ain’t easy and requires lot of your time, but the experience it gives and the taste it carries cannot be substituted with an online order.

So the point I have to make is that books cannot be substituted with a Google search. There is a certain type of richness which is extraordinary about reading that balances the mind and makes it hover the world of imagination. The best way to put few benefits which I could think of in words is to write a blogpost, so here are those few points that reassures as to why you should make reading your habit..


Reading stimulates the mind

What exercise is to the body, reading is to the mind. It stimulates the muscles and increases your consistency of developing a healthy habit of creating better thoughts. A healthy mind will store more ideas, better thoughts and knowledge which we all know have benefits in every sphere of life.

Reading 1 or 2 pages in a day is a healthy habit. If you feel that life is too busy and reading isn’t in your “To Do” list then this technique will help in inculcating the habit in your day to day lives. Also, do pick the time of the day to read those couple of pages. After a while you will be automatically functioned to read every day and it would seem so effortless.


It improves your vocabulary

If reading wasn’t in your agenda, then please do include else how do you think you would pick up the vocabulary from? A person with a good vocabulary means a person well read. Ask anyone who did their Masters in English or any other language about the impact of reading on their vocabulary. I am sure their hands would be held high to scream out the benefits and many heads will nod in agreement.

Could you have imagined knowing Maths, Science or Economics without going through the books and learning. If not, then how do you think your vocabulary can improve without reading?


Not everything is on Google

Surprised by the header? Don’t be because this is true. Do you really think that Google have replaced the books? If you are a millennial I believe you would say yes but trust me that isn’t the case. However as a reader, I would want to briefly mention the difference.

Books will be dedicated to a certain topic with a deep perspective of the writer. Now it can be any book, from fiction to motivation but one perspective will be distributed across 200-300 pages or more. Books are directional with a writer’s point of view and reading through the pages is like connecting with the writer’s mind.

Content that goes on internet is again a point of view but not deep. Moreover there is no quality control of what goes on the web. There are millions of people writing blogs and creating content and Google search can display that, but who exactly is checking whether it is right or not.

Picking a writer’s book and reading the opinion with a meaningful content is a better version than reading hundreds of opinions on Google.


Read for Success

Studies have shown that all successful people have one thing in common, they have some special love for their books. Reading was a part of their daily life and almost everyone vouched for the changes it brought within themselves. Reading gives you reference points which can be related to when the subject pops up, that in turn enhances your knowledge. It brings discipline, sense of motivation and a deep sense of perspective in an individual however that totally depends on the kind of books you read. If you are a thriller lover, then those books will have a different impact on you.

Bottom line, a successful person is in love with reading and values books and the knowledge it brings. Look at the books for they truly are rather than a boring pile of pages, and this might change your life.


Improves the memory, focus and concentration

When you pick your book and start with the read, it makes you visualize and create a pattern in the mind. That pattern is like an experience and like every experience it increases your presence in the current situation. This in turns improves your focus.

Focus increases possibilities of having a presence of mind in situations. There are less chances of you missing out on small details if your brain is set to focus more.


Reading accumulates knowledge

As simply explained, there is no other factor that brings more knowledge (except for the actual experience). Reading is like a cheaper ticket to the valley of experience, where the mind flutters and hearts sings with the joy.

You might not have been to the Amazon jungle but a clear description about the density and the wild life that flourishes in the books will surely make your mind wander those trees. It is the experience of those crisp leaves that leaves a profound memory which is nothing but pure knowledge. In whatever area it maybe, it will always be an added advantage and in future we will be grateful for inculcating this habit in our lifestyle.


Reading reduces stress

Try reading a book after a long hectic day, and write the after effects of it in the comments section (if you can). Reading takes your mind off from the hectic day you had and relaxes you which sometimes can make you fall asleep. The only caution here I would give is to not read the current news at the time of bed as instead of relaxing you might end up thinking what’s happening in the other part of the world. Read a fiction, or motivational stuff when you are wrapping your day to relax your mind and go into deep sleep.

Try these simple steps and bring in the vibrancy of a voracious reader in your daily life. See the changes it brings to you and inspire others to do it too.

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