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Learn all the basics of manifesting money…

Hey guys! Welcome to another post where I share my insights on money this week.

What made me write this post? Well for starters, I like money and love to talk about it. I think over the time when I started making money and was new to whole money management scenario.

Well! A lot has happened over the years.

There were times when I faced scarcity and there were times when I had enough.

What I realized is that when we have scarcity of money, we end up treating money like its going to disappear into thin air and become misers. And there are situations when we don’t value money and splurge only to get into debt.

Altogether I realized that lack of money as well as excess of it impacts our life in a big way.

At the same time I have seen people who deal with money very smartly and probably those were the people who inspired me to change my attitude towards money in a positive way.

I have learnt that money is a huge form of energy, and when this energy impacts our lives in both positive or negative way, it changes us.

Ohh yes! Some of you might agree with me and some of you might not. Still I want to write about it and share with you all my findings. So let’s begin..


1. Start by being Grateful

I mean the word when I placed it in the heading. Being grateful for whatever you have is the single most beneficial “mantra”.

It is when we start to value even the smallest penny that we have in our bank account, is when miracles happen.

Start by saying “Thank You” to Universe every morning you see your bank account. Whatever money your bank account has, however less or more it doesn’t matter. What matters is you value what you have.

You know there are many people out in this world who could do anything to have what you have.

Therefore grateful attitude will be taken well and returned with more things that you will be grateful for in future.


2. Use Cash instead of Cards

When was the last time you paid your bill in cash? I am sure it was ages ago.

We are living in the time when digital world is ruling in every nook and corner. We love to swipe our credit cards instead of using cash. Somehow virtual world is replacing real world, and as much as we want to praise technology there are downside of it as well.

Back in the days when we used to have our piggie banks, we love the feeling of collecting money. The physical appearance made us feel rich each time the box was full. We loved to flaunt money in the hands and buy things. The joy was enormous!!

With increased use of credit cards we have lost touch with the physical form of money. This has lead to enormous spending habits and thereby leading to huge credit card debts.

You still not buying my point? No problem. Consider paying through cash for that beautiful dress you lay eyes on next time, instead of credit card. You would understand my point.

When we pay through cash we see the exchange of energy which will make us value and appreciate the product we purchase. Digital money, however quite convenient these days, is nothing but taking us away from that feeling.

Another benefit of using cash instead of card is that we would spend wisely. When you would see that money slipping out of your hands to someone else you would want to ensure that product you purchase gives you the value you want.

Hope you now understand this point 🙂


3. Abundance is for everyone

As I mention the heading I want you to know that it is in everyone’s potential to have abundance. Now by “Abundance” I don’t mean “Rich”.

Many people confuse these two words.

Having abundance means that you will always have that energy available for you, there will not be any scarcity. Being rich doesn’t have a limit. A millionaire might seem rich to a person who is struggling to make his ends meet, however that millionaire might not feel rich because he always aimed to be a billionaire.

You see the difference between these two words.

Having said that, I want to point out that abundance is for everyone, until you lock it for yourself. If you constantly feel negative about your situation then that’s not Universe’s problem 🙂

Universe has made it clear, “I have a lot for you. You just have to believe in it, ask for it and be grateful for whatever I give”.

Money is also an energy which like any other energy is made available for everyone by Universe. Treat it like an energy and be thankful to what you have each day. Your gratefulness will provide you this energy in abundance.


4. Money is to spend and not to lie in your bank account all your life

I know that many of you want to have huge savings and I am one of those too. However there is a difference in being safe towards your future vs being frugal.

I don’t promote frugality like I don’t promote huge splurges. I believe there needs to be a balance.

For example, when you have enough there is greatness is donating it to people who can’t afford basic things in life. Be generous to the extent that you are taking care of yourself as well as people in your own way.

As mentioned above, money is a form of energy and like any other energy there has to be an inflow and outflow.

Your source of income is inflow of money. You spending to make your ends meet is outflow of money.

At any point in time there should be a good exchange between these two process. If there is an inflow, there will be an outflow as well.

Only thing to keep in mind for a healthy financial status, is that outflow shouldn’t exceed inflow.

Therefore my dear friends, learn to spend money wisely but don’t refrain from spending at all. There must be a balance to have a healthy relationship with money.

Donations, charity, philanthropy sends a message to Universe that you make wise choices with money to change people’s life for the better. This will lead to abundance of this energy source.


That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed this article. I would love to read your view points in the comments section below.

Until next time..



Hashtag Is In

Hashtag Is In





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