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August 1, 2017
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Not sure which moisturizer to pick? Worry not.. Coz I bring this article to you

Hello my friends! Welcome to another post of “Hashtag Is In”.

The topic for today is “Moisturizers”.

Hearing this word would make people with oily skin say, “I don’t moisturize coz it breaks me out”. Trust me, this ain’t funny as I believed it for quite a while. Guilty! I know.

Then there are people with dry skin who just couldn’t get their hands on a real hydrating cream.

We all know that cleansing, toning, moisturizing is the way to healthy, glowing skin. Wait! Did I miss any steps? Ohh yes! Subscribe to my email list to get the download of the true skincare routine that is more than just these 3 steps. My “True” skincare routine guide.

Now let’s talk about the real reason behind moisturizing our skin.

We know that we cleanse our face to remove dirt and tone to balance the pH level of our skin. But why do we moisturize our skin irrespective of our skin type?

Let’s dig deep into it..


Why do we need Moisturizers?

Moisturizers do not add moisture into your skin but helps you retain it’s natural moisture. Our skin looses it’s moisture to the atmosphere and scientific name of this process is Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Blood vessels only supply moisture to the middle layer of skin, that is “Dermis”. Through dermis, water migrates to the upper layer, known as epidermis and later evaporates into atmosphere.

The moisturizer’s job is to trap the moisture in the epidermal layer thereby keeping your skin hydrated.


How would I know which moisturizer will work for my skin?

To explain which moisturizer will work best for you, we will first understand the variety of moisturizers. There are mainly three types of moisturizers РOcclusives, Emollients and Humectants.



These types of moisturizers works as barrier on the surface of the skin. Thereby protecting the skin and not losing the moisture.

A very common example of occlusives is Petroleum Jelly. They form a layer on the skin and reduces moisture evaporation by 98%.

We can talk about the benefits of petroleum jelly with numerous hacks. But let’s be honest, no one wants to be covered in petroleum jelly while leaving the house.

Therefore not a recommendation from my side to people with any skin type. You can use it for your feet only during night when you are about to sleep. Definitely a NO as a face moisturizer.


Emollients & Humectants

The other varieties is designed to penetrate into the skin making skin feel softer. Unlike the “Occlusives”, they don’t form a coating to retain moisture.

There are many moisturizers available in the market that helps in retaining the natural moisture to the skin. Obviously moisturizer these days do a lot more than just moisturize the skin. There are products rich in vitamins A, B and C that targets different problems like aging, dullness, dehydration etc.

All said and done, there are plenty of creams available but do every cream suits my skin type? The answer is NO.

It is important for you to understand your skin type and pick the moisturizer accordingly.


People with dry skin should pick moisturizers that are –
  • Thick, cream texture based
  • Contain oils as their ingredients, like avocado oil, almond oil etc that targets dryness
People with oily or combination should go for moisturizers that are-
  • Water based
  • Non-comedogenic so that they don’t clog pores
  • Lighter on skin
This should be the basic requirement. Feel free to go for products that give additional benefits like SPF, brightening treatment etc.


My Recommendation – The best moisturizers that suits all skin types

To brief you about my skin type, I have an oily acne prone skin. Anything which is too oily used to break me out quite frequently.

I have tried numerous products to find out what suits my skin. After many trial and errors, someone suggested me to try EMOLENE.

When I used this moisturizer, I was like “Why no one told me about this before?”

So you know that Emolene is good considering I have tried many creams and most of them have failed me. However I want to talk about this product in detail. So let’s begin..


Emolene – INR 209 for 100 grams

It comes in a blue colored aluminum (my best guess) tube. The product is liquid based, white in color.

Application is fairly easy. After cleansing and toning the skin, you just have to take a small dab which is enough for your face. Massage it gently until the product is absorbed into the skin.

Moisturizer suitable for all skin types - Emolene

Moisturizer suitable for all skin types – Emolene

One has to understand that the texture of the product is very light, basically it helps in keeping the skin hydrated. It is suitable for one of those days when you don’t feel like applying a ton of product on your skin and a simple moisturizer is all you need.

It comes in two different packaging – 50 grams and 100 grams. My suggestion would be to try a smaller packaging first to see if that suits you.

By the way, this cream suits every person to whom I have recommended.

Ingredient list is fairly huge and I have listed the picture for everyone’s reference.

Moisturizer suitable for all skin types - Emolene

Emolene – List of Ingredients


Emolene - Texture of the Product

Emolene – Texture of the Product


Whether Emolene delivers to what it promises?

Well! Emolene promises to hydrate the skin which is fairly visible in the first application.

It is a water based moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t give you oily feeling.

Very light on the skin and perfect moisturizer during summers for all skin types.

It will not break you out. Therefore a great moisturizer for acne-prone skin.

I used to apply this moisturizer beneath my makeup. While sitting in the office whole day, air conditioner used to dry out my skin. But whenever I used this moisturizer I realized that my skin wasn’t dehydrated.

However, don’t expect anything magical from this product. It will not do anything beyond moisturizing.

If you want to use some heavy duty products for anti-aging, removing blemishes etc. then my suggestion is to use those products beneath this cream.

Also, there is no SPF in the product which doesn’t help in daytime. One has to apply sunscreen on top to stay protected from the sun. At the same time, “No SPF” is an advantage in the night as we don’t use products in the night time routine that forms a protective layer on our skin.

Pros –
  • Light moisturizer
  • Suitable for all skin types – oily, combination, normal and dry
  • Quite versatile product
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good packaging
Cons –
  • Very basic, does nothing beyond moisturizing the skin
  • No SPF in the moisturizer hence doesn’t help during the day time


That’s it for today. Tell me one of your favorite moisturizers that you cannot live without in the comments section below? I will try and review them for the benefit of larger audience.



Hashtag Is In

Hashtag Is In


  1. Haneef - Rose Gold Pearls blog says:

    I’ve definitely started using moisturizer. This one from Tatcha has become my favorite, but it’s so darn expensive!

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