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If you have been working under stress and nothing seems to organize, then you should read this blogpost. The art of organizing your day to day work is not inborn, but it comes with a practice of conscious efforts. Many years ago I developed this habit of organizing my day to day life, and like most people I like to call this as my “To Do” list.

With the word clearly articulating the meaning, it is all about the list of things that has to be done in a given day. It might sound rudimentary but I feel like writing about this because we miss on sticking to the basics these days.

The act of a “To Do” list is to jot down the activities to be done in a given day. We all have busy lives and this list simplifies the chaos going inside our brain. It is as simple as sitting down and focusing on what is required to be done for the day and this hardly takes 10 minutes of your time.

I like to keep my “To Do” list focused towards what I need to finish in a given day. I generally move it to the next day when by any chance I am not able to finish it. Action items that have extended deadlines aren’t my thing, neither I recommend it to anyone because chances are that they are left undone most of the time.

I have been practicing the art of keeping a “To Do” list for my day to day activities ever since I started working. It was introduced to me by a senior who saw me struggling with my usual office hours and decided to coach me with his expertise. I was mesmerized with the idea and till date this is one of the best habits I picked up.

In these years of life, I have come across people who have their agenda for the day ready on a piece of paper, very organized with their day to day activities, and then there are people who believe in keeping action items in their head. After seeing the two sides of the coin, I came to wonder the magic an organized “To Do” list brings and what benefits it has over our human brain. Some things I have come across that I would like to pen down and also want to touch upon “how” as well as “why” we should develop this habit through the below points..


Aligning the bandwidth of energy

We begin our day with full bandwidth of energy which is usually not utilized properly. When we start our day, we are fresh, just woken up from deep sleep and ready to take over the day. But this isn’t the case each time. At times we are not well organized to align our energies in the right direction, other times we are too busy that our focus shifts to something which isn’t productive to give beneficial results. It is the story of almost every person living on this planet today. They are busy putting their s**t together that they don’t realize the power of an organized approach which can be more beneficial and productive for everyone.

Let’s suppose we begin our day with peacefully listing set of activities on a piece of paper. Don’t you think that looking at it will ensure that we dont forget what has to be done? Moreover it will ensure that our energy is well organized and aligned to the list of activities rather than being all over the place. Energy will flow towards the areas where you put your focus. Therefore aligning the energy in the right direction increases your chances of getting better results out of it.

If you want to test this, try and put your focus to that list of activities for a day and see the result for yourself. Share your experience in the comments section if you feel any benefits out of it.


Helps Prioritizing

When I started with this habit, I went ahead and became quite extensive with my list. Soon I realized that it isn’t helping either. My “To Do” list had almost everything in it and I wasn’t sure where to begin. So there came the understanding of the right of way of practicing this habit.

A “To Do” list isn’t only about mentioning the activities but also about putting a priority button against each and every activity. If one needs more attention than the other on a given day, then take action accordingly. We all know that we can have ten thousand things in our “To Do” list (not literally) but it boils down to the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. As humans we can only do so much at a given time.

Putting the list in front of you and giving it few seconds to prioritize is the best way to move ahead. Not only it will save you from wasting your time but also align the right energy towards the right action items for better results.


Brings consistency

“To Do” list isn’t only about getting the action points but also about developing a good habit. Starting your day everyday with the action items will not only simplify your life but also brings a regular consistency in your work. There are less chances of you missing out any important meeting and there will be better results derived from it.

Don’t you think it will be a good idea to be on top of things rather than things being on top of you??

This will incorporate a healthy habit in your system as well. Research have shown that it takes an average of 66 days to develop a habit. Therefore chances are that this continuous and conscious effort towards keeping a “To Do” list will become a part of you soon enough.

Hope you took something out of this read that can help you stay focused towards the right direction.

Until next time.. XOXO

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